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Our vision is to be the best English teaching academy by coaching the learners to handle English language fluently and competently...

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Our mission is to provide highest level of English knowledge by using well trained, qualified and experienced local ...

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- Everyone has the right to learn English irrespective to their race, qualifications, social levels and economy status...

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Discipline - Discipline is the bridge between aim and achievement. Respect - Earn respect by demonstrating knowledge...

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Today learning English language is more important than ever in the Global economy. I started teaching English language because I felt that it was a need in our country. We have great talents among us and their knowledge, strength, skills and ability is second to none, yet they are struggling in the Global society, because of the lack of English communication skills they possesses. I wanted to bridge this gap and make them global leaders. I established Excursion College International to continue my philosophy of first class English language teaching service at an affordable cost. I know that you want excellent teaching and quick progress, but also that you want to enjoy yourself while studying. At our Language Centre, I know that you will have a fantastic studying experience. We encourage many other activities and various social interaction through our regular, all-year fun and varied learning programs, because I firmly believe that these activities improves your language learning as well as they turn you to be an excellent and responsible human being. I have always been passionate about teaching and developing you and as the Managing Director of Excursion College International, I am responsible for both. My aims are simple: I want my students to have the best and most enjoyable learning experience possible. I am committed to providing our language teachers and instructors with the best possible resources, facilities and environment so they can do the best teaching of their careers for my students. Whatever your language and life goals are, I know the staff at Excursion College International will do everything they can to help you achieve them. I am committed too. I wish you the best.

Pujitha Wijesinghe, Founder of Excursion College International


  • Pushpa Damayanthi

    You are one of the greatest teachers who has won the hearts with your ability, to encourage your students at all times.We admire your sincerity.

    Koshalika Iroshani Kannangara

    i am new student, I like this class, I think you best English Teacher in Sri Lanka.